The Archipelago and the World

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The Archipelago and the World – Beyond the Hearthlands

The folk of Tornen’s Crossing and its sibling communities have learned from worldly travelers that The Hearthlands are located on a fairly large island amidst an entire sea of other islands. Learned folk call this collection of land masses an “archipelago” and might try also to impress the unlearned by mentioning that there are hundreds of islands of various sizes, the known ones having their own fascinating habitats and realms, and others with secrets that have never been gleaned. It is also said that no one has ever explored, discovered, let alone counted the many islands rumored to exist in the Archipelago, partially because of the tales of treacherous reefs and predatory threats in the far reaches of the surrounding islands.

Additionally, many Hearthfolk have also met, or heard rumors of, the occasional traveler who tells stories of even farther flung realms on even larger landmasses, which would take many weeks to reach via ship. As to whether the rumors of other lands are inventions of wandering lolly-tongues, or are the testimonies of travelers who’ve actually been there, the Hearthfolk in general have little insight into the truths of such matters. But the stories make for entertaining fireside tales!

Other Islands and Realms of the Archipelago

Devil’s Ring Island -

Crimson Isle – An island of red sand beaches, populated by xenophobic, primitive cultures.

Penzecanthe -

Fathomere -

Guilderre -

The Archipelago and the World

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