Canderel's Mire

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Canderel’s Mire

This village sits on the edge of a marsh, near the Great Swamp to the north, and is known for the cranberry bogs and mud farming of its residents. Canderel’s Mire is populated by “mudfolk”, a people comprised of half-orcs and humans, though because half-orcs breed true, their numbers outweigh those of their human brethren. Some among the Hearthfolk suspect the mudfolk of inbreeding and other distasteful practices, and their disdain for the mudfolk and their way of life has led to the use of such unsavory terms as “Getting yourself into Canderel’s Mire” for when one gets into a sticky and wholly shudderful situation. Despite this reproachful reputation, the mudfolk are accepted by most followers of the Divine Ancestors as fellow Descendants, which is quite nice, as the people of Canderel’s Mire produce the best clays in the Hearthlands to be made into the finest ceramics. Their cranberry wine and other products aren’t so bad either.

One particularly disturbing legend about the greater swamp to the north of Canderel’s Mire, is that one should never be caught in its depths at night, lest turtlefolk shrouded in robes find you with their lanterns, and dice you into their soups with very sharp knives. Most say not to worry about the ridiculous rumor, as no one alive has ever provided true evidence of the existence of “turtlefolk.” But then again, those same folk still don’t go out into the deep swamp at night.

Locations in and near Canderel’s Mire

Canderel's Mire

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