The Divine Ancestors - A PANTHEON

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The Divine Ancestors – A PANTHEON

While not the only pantheon in the world, nor the only one worshipped by the varying peoples of Tornen’s Crossing and the Hearthlands, The Divine Ancestors are a small pantheon of 6 deities that is worshipped by many civilized folk in the Archipelago. They are perceived as a family of gods who gave birth to, and watch over their Descendant races. The teachings of the Divine Ancestors say that all the humanoid races are brethren, direct Descendants of the Divine, even though some tribes, like many goblins and orcs, have fallen to darkness.

There is great debate as to if those darker races can be saved either as individuals or as a whole, and due to this schism of thought some followers of the Ancestors will be more likely to treat wilder humanoids with kindness than others. Many devout members of the Ancestral faith do not generally believe that the less-civilized humanoid races are inherently evil in nature, rather they are products of their unfortunate environments, and individuals (and sometimes clans) can saved by civilization given the right circumstances. One such clan in history were the Bloody Leech orcs that migrated to the marshlands near the area that became Canderel’s Mire. They were accepted by the devout Hearthfolk of the swamp, and to this day, they trade with, and even find mates among, the human and half-orc “mudfolk” of the village.

The most commonly depicted aspects of the Ancestors consist of 3 female and 3 male aspects, each seen as a Grandparent, Parent, and Child of their respective genders. Worshippers refer to them with reverence and recognition equal to their place in the family tree. With that in mind, there are also those who feel there are only two true Ancestors, a Mother, and a Father who represent the aspects of their genders, and there are even those who feel there is only one true Ancestor divinity that represents all genders and roles and fulfills all the needs of the faithful. These differing interpretations are rarely causes for true strife within the faithful, beyond lively debate. And at worst, certain sects might consider another misguided or ignorant, though with their hearts still being in the right place.

Because the Ancestors are seen purely as benefactors, their official portfolios represent only positive aspects of life and civilization. Truly sinful concepts are not considered part of their purview, despite much of the sin and evil that arises within the Descendant races. People who actually focus on worshipping darker concepts such as murder, thievery, and slavery are considered to be cultists of nasty entities and are anathema. Despite the Ancestors’ recognized portfolios, the rare few true clerics of the Ancestors are not limited in the domains they embrace. Despite followers sometimes favoring one or more of the gods, they have faith in them all, as they are all part of one greater divine host.

The names of the individual aspects of the Ancestors are root words for certain other words, for instance, Natu is the root word for “nature”, “natural”, and “Naturist” (a title among the faithful), and Lumin is the root word for “illuminate”, “luminous”, and “Luminary” (another title), and Arc is the root word for “arcane”, “architecture”, and “Arcanath” (another title).

The Divine Ancestors

Nigh (NYE)
Grandmother Night, She Who Soothes the Soul in Shadow
Portfolio: Death, Afterlife, Night, Darkness, Mystery, Time, Peace
Favored Domains: Arcana, Death, Trickery
Sacred beasts: Rat, Owl, Owlbear

Natu (NAY-too)
Mother Nature, She Who Walks the Wind and Wood
Portfolio: Nature, Wilderness, Oceans, Weather, Plants, Beasts, Hunting
Favored Domains: Life, Nature, Tempest
Sacred beasts: Deer, Pheasant, Unicorn

Hear (HAR)
Hearthdaughter, She Who Holds the Heart and Hearth
Portfolio: Love, Fertility, Family, Community, Commerce, Generosity, Protection
Favored Domains: Knowledge, Life, War
Sacred beasts: Hound, Swan, Wolpertinger

Lumin (LOOM-in)
Grandfather Light, He Who Observes and Absolves from Above
Portfolio: Sun, Moon, Light, Law, Order, Judgment, Leadership
Favored Domains: Knowledge, Light, Life
Sacred beasts: Lion, Eagle, Phoenix

Fortu (FOR-tu)
Warfather, He Who Wars in Weal and Woe
Portfolio: War, Combat, Victory, Athleticism, Freedom, Fortune, Luck
Favored Domains: Life, Trickery, War
Sacred beasts: Horse, Hawk, Pegasus

Arc (ARC)
Son of Sorcery, He Who Seeks the Secrets and Songs
Portfolio: Knowledge, History, Art, Artifice, Music, Inspiration, Magic
Favored Domains: Arcana, Knowledge, Light
Sacred beasts: Cat, Raven, Sphinx

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The Divine Ancestors - A PANTHEON

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