Blue Roose

A man on a journey to discover his lost kin.


Blue Roose is a tiefling. Though not particularly tall he has the brawny build of those who work metal for a living, complete with burn scar patterns that trickle across his scaled and thick forearms. Thanks to his peculiar heritage, he has a remarkably hard time not sticking out like a sore thumb. His body is covered in iris colored scales that feel like soft flower petals to the touch and his eyes are golden colored with flecks of green. His head is bare except for a dark band of indigo scales that flow down the center of his pate between the ridges of his slightly curled horns that sprout from his brow. His easy smile is full of arrow-head shaped teeth and he has a four foot long tail which whips gently back and forth when he is calm and twitches when he is irritated or nervous.

Blue Roose has been known to wear armor and wield weapons in defense of his life and the lives of his allies and friends. He is a stubborn haggler and tradesman, thanks in large part to his dwarven parentage, and has utilized a lot of their smithing styles into his own wares. Thanks to his adopted father, Blue Roose is a craftsman of some skilled degree, and he hopes to improve his talents while he journeys and be able to make something even his father could be proud of.


As an orphan, he was taken in and raised by a clan of dwarves. Though he does not love them any less for not being of his blood, at adulthood he decided to adventure forth to seek his own kin and to learn more about his heritage. His journey has turned up little and has only sought to vex him with more questions and mysteries. Blue Roose has wandered into Tornen’s Crossing with the hopes of meeting other widely traveled individuals so that he might discover his origins. Hopefully, somewhere out there, someone will be able to guide him home.

Blue Roose

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