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The world surrounding Tornen’s Crossing has much to offer adventurers. Find out what is known about it here!

Important Core Concepts about the Tornen’s Crossing Campaign
Head here to find out the big picture stuff on the world itself.

Tornen’s Crossing and Immediate Environs
The immediate area around the town of Tornen’s Crossing. Head here to find out interesting locales, strange sites, and wondrous features within a few days’ ride of the settlement.

The World Surrounding Tornen’s Crossing
Head here to find out about the known regions throughout the world, from the Archipelago, to the Hearthlands, to the myriad of other realms the heroes may have heard of, or visited, or even hail from.

Myths and Lore of the World
Head here to find out things like religions, the origin myths of races, the calendar, and how the world works.

Setting Information

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