Season Information

We are dividing the campaign into seasons. Each season will last for a few months (four-six, usually). Seasons will have a set starting level, and a maximum level. Each time you play in a full adventure session (usually about 2-3 hours), you’ll gain one level. The last adventure of a season will be a special finale event. A Dungeon Master can run games set in Tornen’s Crossing outside of official D&D Game Nights, most commonly with new players and/or players who’ve missed a Game Day and want to catch up, but because the campaign has a maximum level for the season, players need to understand that if they play outside the Game Days too often, eventually their character will hit the maximum level cap and no longer be able to advance in that season.

Season One

The first official session for Season One will take place on Tuesday, January 26th, 2016.

The theme for Season One is Dire Portents. Doomsayers claim to bear witness to threats that loom over Tornen’s Crossing, but no one is paying attention to those moon-headed crackpots. They’re too busy prepping for the new year festival of Verdance!

As a reminder, anyone can run any kind of adventure during the game day (any D&D is welcome D&D!). However, for adventures taking place in Tornen’s Crossing itself, it is currently late in the final month, High Winter, of the year 800 DC of the Dawning Calendar. The world is on the cusp of a new year and a new century, and the winter has been particularly harsh, so the people are excited for the upcoming new year festival of Verdance, which heralds the month of Low Spring. A great masquerade/hoedown and feast is being planned, and everyone is very busy. Food and drink is being gathered and prepared, fine dresses, tunics, and other outfits are being sewn and fitted, furniture and decorations are being designed and built, and there are a myriad of other efforts that go into the planning of such endeavors.

For people on the lookout for danger and excitement, such as adventurers, there are sometimes rumors of darker things afoot. And sometimes… just sometimes… the rumors are true. In contrast to the excitement of the upcoming festival, there are a few folk who’ve taken up doomsaying, spreading fear and confusion related to some of the more dire events of recent history. Common portents provided as evidence are the sinkhole that gaped open on Home Hill recently, giving rumor to undead crawling beneath the streets of Tornen’s Crossing, or the particularly harsh winter that has driven men and beasts of the wilderness to desperation. There have also been a few other warnings that have not gotten much traction yet.

In regards to actual, corroborated dangers, there have been reports of criminal bandits who have not handled the winter months very well, and they’ve recently hit several traveling merchants who were bringing their wares to Tornen’s Crossing. Because of this, the town council has offered contracts to adventurers willing to protect certain envoys leaving town to do the council’s bidding. Additionally, some merchants have also offered money for armed folk to guard their travels between Tornen’s Crossing other farms and settlements.

Let’s just hope that everything else leading up to the festival goes off without a hitch.

Character Creation and Advancement
Season One starts characters off at 1st level, with a maximum level of 4th level.

You can use anything in the Player’s Handbook for character creation, as well as the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion, and most of the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide. We’ll make announcements on restricted character options here in the Season Information wiki page.

You can use either the standard ability array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) or point-buy for your character’s ability scores (as listed in the first chapter of the Player’s Handbook). You don’t roll for hit points – simply take the maximum for your class at 1st level, and the average+1 for subsequent levels (modified by Constitution, as normal). Take your class and background gear as listed; you may swap out the weapons listed for other similarly priced weapons if you choose (pay the difference from your small amount of starting money).

Season Information

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