Campaign Staff

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Here’s a list of folks that are working on determining the direction and goals of the campaign. If you’d like to be on the campaign staff, please let us know!

Justin Donie
Most likely a dwarven paladin devoted to a god of joy, Justin Donie works at Wizards as a Senior Infrastructure Analyst. Very notably, he runs a learn-to-play D&D group on Thursdays at 11:30 am in Dominaria for first-timers and those that would like to brush up on the new edition.

Chris Lindsay
Possibly a dire gnome bard, Chris Lindsay’s laugh and snark are legendary at Wizards. He’s the Product Marketing Specialist on the D&D team. Known as a killer DM by one and all, Chris has been scoffing at power gamers for decades.

Chloe Monroe
Whispered tales speak of a shadow haunting the Game Support team at Wizards in the form of a half-elf assassin, known only as Chloe Monroe. A LARP enthusiast, cosplayer, and longtime DM, Chloe has an affinity for world-building.

Chris Tulach
Probably just a human cleric dedicated to order (because someone has to play one), Chris Tulach works as the In-Store Programs Specialist for Organized Play. He’s a convention veteran, lifelong D&D Dungeon Master, and player of many RPGs. Chris started up D&D Game Nights a couple of years ago and runs the Magic internal league.

Sam Simpson
Some say that he is a half-orc wizard with multiple-personality disorder and a twitch, Sam Simpson (some call him Sammy! for short) is a lifelong DM and world-builder, with too many favorite NPCs to choose from, despite all being potential sacrifices for a better story. Sam works as a Supervisor for the Game Support team, where he trains his apprentices in Customer Service Wizardry and other arcane mysteries.

Campaign Staff

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