Somewhat aloof monk. Wood elf.


HP: 9 AC: 16 INIT: +3 Prof: +2

Stat. Score Bonus Save
Str. 10 +0 +2
Dex. 17 +3 +5
Con. 13 +1 +1
Int. 10 +0 +0
Wis. 16 +3 +3
Cha. 8 -1 -1

Skill training in Acrobatics, Stealth, Insight, Perception, Persuasion

Unarmed Attack +5; 1d4 plus 3
Staff (2HD) +5; 1d8 plus 3
Longbow +5; 1d8 plus 3; Range 150/600

Elf Features:
• Within 60 feet of you, treat dim light as bright, darkness as dim light
• Immune to magical sleep, advantage on saves vs charmed
• Meditating 4 hours counts as 8 hours of rest
• Perception proficiency
• Can hide while lightly obscured by natural phenomena
• Longsword, shortsword, shortbow, longbow proficiency

Guild Artisan Feature:
• Guild Membership: Guild will provide food, lodging and funeral expenses. Guild will defend me in court if I have a good case for innocence. Guild has political connections that can be leveraged, possibly at a cost

Class Features:
• Add Wisdom modifier to AC when not wearing armor or using a shield.
• When unarmed or using monk weapons, can use Dexterity for attack and damage rolls; unarmed strikes deal more damage (d4); and can make extra unarmed attack as bonus action.



Horta has spent what humans would consider an entire lifetime studying in the temple at Castlewen to learn the ways of their monk’s order. While there, he also perfected the crafts of the bowyer/fletcher, the woodcarver, and the cooper, with which he helped to support the temple with sales of his works: primarily bows and arrows and expertly-crafted wooden miniature creatures for children, but also making barrels for wine and other storage.

As evidence of how great a craftsman he is, and as evidence of his sense of honor and responsibility, Horta was once hired to craft a longbow by a particularly shady customer. But when he realized how exceptional the bow was turning out, Horta ultimately found the person unworthy of the prize bow, and sold them a different, ordinary bow he had created. Horta is still looking for someone worthy to wield his masterwork bow, which he has named “Orosa”, the elvish word for “Ascension”. He carries the bow to this day, protectively wrapped and unused, until he finds a person who must be worthy not only in skill, but in spirit, to wield it.


Horta tends to be rude to people who lack his commitment to hard work and fair play.

Aspiration: Horta works hard to be the best there is at his crafts, and he can get horribly envious of anyone whose efforts outshine his own work. Everywhere he goes, he feels he is surrounded by potential rivals. He works hard to hide this jealousy, which he does recognize as a personal weakness, but he is not always successful.

Worships Lumin (LOOM-in)
Grandfather Light, He Who Observes and Absolves from Above
Portfolio: Sun, Moon, Light, Law, Order, Judgment, Leadership
Favored Domains: Knowledge, Light, Life
Sacred beasts: Lion, Eagle, Phoenix

Guild Artisan: Bowyer, Cooper, Woodcarver – All these skills have been perfected while serving for many years in the temple. He spends his downtime crafting and working his own bows and arrows, as well as carving small animals from wood, to delight children.


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