Tornen's Crossing

A Simple Breeze

DM: Justin Donie

As one small story taking place in a big world of endless adventure, three drifters; a monk, a rogue and a cleric, and a local fighter looking for work respond to a panicked cry for help overheard in Tornen’s Tavern. A grandmother has lost her visiting grandson down a sinkhole and The Watch are too busy to help. Exploring the sinkhole and the tunnel they find connected to it, the four discover an underground cavern and a squad of skeleton warriors about to send the boy downstream on a caged raft along the underground river that runs through the cavern. Interdiction comes swiftly, the skeletons are permanently dispatched, the fallen fighter is saved from imminent death and the boy is returned to his grateful grandparents. But what sort of sinister goings on have the four uncovered beneath the very streets of Tornen’s Crossing.

Tornen Tavern – local watering hole, center for town gossip, providers of hearty meals at a fair price, and a place where decent folk can always find an ale to cry in.
Home Hill – neighborhood of small homes clustered at the west foot of the town keep.
The Sink Hole – newly formed 45 foot deep hole in the streets of Home Hill connecting to a tunnel, and more.

Stiletta Cuttler: co-owner of Tornen Tavern, a compassionate woman, but not one to be trifled with.
Mysterious Grandmother: lives in Home Hill, caring for her visiting grandson. Where DID she get off to? And what’s with the coins?
Mischievous Grandson: likes to run too fast in places he’s not meant to be. Name ‘Srick’
Ol’ Grandad: husband to Mysterious Gran, (not himself an adult beverage).

(Kirgan)- monk XP=(TBD)
(Mike)- fighter XP=(TBD)
(Jennifer)- rogue XP=(TBD)

“Great storms announce themselves with a simple breeze, … and a single rebel spark can ignite the fires of rebellion.” (Ladyhawke)

We're Live!

Hi folks!

The campaign pages are live now, but they’re going to be sparse for a little bit as we continue to fill in details about the campaign and world around Tornen’s Crossing.

But you can help! Feel free to make edits to the wiki, which can be approved by the campaign staff. If you have something exciting you’d like to see, but don’t want to edit the wiki itself, please let us know by sending a message (which you can do in the upper left corner of the tool bar).

Thanks, and welcome!

Chris Tulach


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